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From "Lin, Chen" <Chen....@childrens.harvard.edu>
Subject Re: Section finder performance characteristics
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 16:25:25 GMT
Hi Andrey,

The CDA sectionizer is a rule/RegEx based method for section header
matching. It follows the consolidated CDA/HL7 standard for defining a
section header template. The template format is:
HL7 template id, LOINC Section Code, and a list of n header names (case
insensitive, n can be as many as possible)

For example, a history related section-header template can be defined as:
history,1,brief history of physical illness,history of present
illness,history of the present illness

³history² is the entry id (named by yourself),
³1² is the Section code (named by yourself),
The rest are the permutation of history-section headers that appear in a
dataset. Note it is very specific, if you only list ³history of present
illness², it will not find ³history of [the] present illness² unless you
list both. 

As you can see it¹s a strict template matching algorithm, so if you know
your data, especially all the section headers, it can surely do the job. I
have used CDA sectionizer for two projects. Those notes I processed were
with standard section header format so the performance was acceptable.

Hope it is helpful.


On 2/22/17, 3:23 AM, "Andrey Kurdumov" <kant2002@googlemail.com> wrote:

>Does anybody know what expected performance of the current CDA section
>finder in cTakes?
>How it was created, since I don't see any test cases for it? Does
>it was created on public or private dataset?
>Best regards,
>Andrey Kurdyumov

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