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From fuzzylo...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r330290 - /db/derby/code/trunk/build.xml
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 17:28:38 GMT
Author: fuzzylogic
Date: Wed Nov  2 09:28:34 2005
New Revision: 330290

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=330290&view=rev
Build fix for Gump. Subversion 1.1.x and earlier have a bug in svnversion -n
which attaches the newline character to the version if the version is 'exported'
meaning that the subversion metadata is not available for the current directory.
This causes the manifest generation for derby.jar to fail because it introduces
a newline character in between the Bundle-Version and the first Sealed
attribute. Because this would cause the Sealed attribute to be its own manifest
section that does not start with a Name attribute, Ant declares the manifest
invalid and stops the build.

Presumably this problem would also be hit by anyone using the affected versions
of Subversion and attempting to build the jars from one of our -src


Modified: db/derby/code/trunk/build.xml
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs/db/derby/code/trunk/build.xml?rev=330290&r1=330289&r2=330290&view=diff
--- db/derby/code/trunk/build.xml (original)
+++ db/derby/code/trunk/build.xml Wed Nov  2 09:28:34 2005
@@ -700,9 +700,13 @@
     <property name="derby.jar.topdir" value="${basedir}/jars"/>
     <mkdir dir="${derby.jar.dir}"/>
     <mkdir dir="${derby.jar.dir}/lists"/>
-     <loadfile srcFile="${basedir}/changenumber.properties"
+    <loadfile srcFile="${basedir}/changenumber.properties"
-               property="changenumber"/>
+               property="changenumber">
+      <filterchain>
+        <striplinebreaks/>
+      </filterchain>
+    </loadfile>    
     <condition property="changenumber" value="???">
         <isset property="changenumber"/>

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