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From rhille...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1078040 - /db/derby/code/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.html
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2011 16:23:49 GMT
Author: rhillegas
Date: Fri Mar  4 16:23:49 2011
New Revision: 1078040

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1078040&view=rev
DERBY-5016: 4th rev of the 10.8.1 release notes, adding a blurb on the deregister attribute
to the detailed note for DERBY-2905.


Modified: db/derby/code/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.html
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/db/derby/code/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.html?rev=1078040&r1=1078039&r2=1078040&view=diff
--- db/derby/code/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.html (original)
+++ db/derby/code/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.html Fri Mar  4 16:23:49 2011
@@ -168,6 +168,9 @@ change in a future release in the highly
 <td><a href="https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-5050">DERBY-5050</a></td><td>BrokeredConnection
could call setHoldability() without using reflection</td>
+<td><a href="https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-5047">DERBY-5047</a></td><td>Documentation
links to java.sun.com should be updated</td>
 <td><a href="https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-5046">DERBY-5046</a></td><td>Intermittent
assert failure in AutomaticIndexStatisticsTest.testStatisticsCorrectness</td>
@@ -494,7 +497,7 @@ JDBC metadata reports longer precision a
 <a href="#Note for DERBY-2905">
 <p>Note for DERBY-2905: 
-Engine shutdown now deregisters the embedded JDBC driver.
+Engine shutdown now unregisters the embedded JDBC driver.
@@ -1122,7 +1125,7 @@ verify that they correctly handle the lo
 <h4>Summary of Change</h4>
-Engine shutdown now deregisters the embedded JDBC driver.
+Engine shutdown now unregisters the embedded JDBC driver.
@@ -1150,6 +1153,32 @@ shutdown unregisters the embedded JDBC d
+After the embedded driver has been unregistered, it must be
+re-registered in order to obtain a new Connection to
+Derby. Re-registration occurs when the application invokes the
+following statement:
+It is also possible for an application to request orderly shutdown
+without unregistering the embedded driver. After such a shutdown it is not
+necessary to re-register the embedded driver. To request this kind of
+shutdown, the application needs to add <tt>deregister=false</tt> to
+the end of the shutdown URL. For more information on this feature,
+please see the section on the <i>deregister</i> attribute in the Derby
+Reference Manual.

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