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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Db-derby Wiki] Update of "JdbcFourOne" by lilywei
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 22:31:58 GMT
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The "JdbcFourOne" page has been changed by lilywei.


  || '''Status''' || '''Method''' || '''Description''' || '''Derby Change''' || '''Size'''
|| '''Owner''' ||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''!CallableStatement.getObject(int,Class)'''||Optional
new method. Retrieves an OUT or INOUT parameter as the desired class type.||Add to JDBC 4
implementation (requires generics).||Medium||Rick||
- || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''!CallableStatement.getObject(String,Class)'''||Optional
new method. See getObject(int,Class).||Add to JDBC 4 implementation (requires generics).||Small||Rick||
+ || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''!CallableStatement.getObject(String,Class)'''||Optional
new method. See getObject(int,Class).||Add to JDBC 4 implementation (requires generics). Throw
SQLFeatureNotSupportedException. Please note this overload raises an unsupported feature exception
just like the String overloads of the other getXXX() methods||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.abort(Executor)'''||Mandatory new
method. Closes the Connection and lets the Executor release resources lazily.||Add to JDBC
4 implementation (requires java.util.concurrent.Executor interface which was introduced in
Java 5).||Medium||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.getNetworkTimeout()'''||Optional
new method.||Throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.getTypeMap()'''||Spec clarification.||No
action needed.||None||-||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.getSchema()'''||Mandatory new method.
Gets the name of the session's schema.||Add to JSR 169 implementation.||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.setNetworkTimeout(Executor)'''||Optional
new method. Sets the client timeout.||Throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.setSchema(String)'''||Mandatory new
method. Sets the name of the session's schema.||Add to JSR 169 implementation.||Small||Rick||
- || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.setTypeMap(Map)'''||Spec clarification.||No
action needed.||None||-||
+ || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''Connection.setTypeMap(Map)'''||Spec clarification.||No
action needed. Throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException||None||Lily||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''DBMD.generatedKeyAlwaysReturned()'''||Mandatory
new method. Reports whether Statement.getGeneratedKeys() always returns a ResultSet even after
Statement.execute(String query, String[] columnNames) is called with columnNames that are
not identity columns.||Embedded Derby throws an exception if you call execute(String,String[])
with columnNames that are not identity columns, so the return value of getGeneracase, getGeneratedKeys()
returns a ResultSet with generated values. Note that Derby only allows you to define one identity
column per table. Because of the network behavior, I think that DBMD.generatedKeyAlwaysReturned()
should return true.||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''DBMD.getPseudoColumns(String,String,String,String)'''||Mandatory
new method. Shows the hidden columns in a table.||Derby doesn't have hidden columns. Return
an empty ResultSet with the correct column structure. ||Small||Rick||
  || <<Icon(checkmark.png)>> ||'''DBMD.getColumns(String,String,String,String)'''||Changed
method. New field reports whether a column is generated as defined by the SQL Standard, part
2, section 4.14.8. These are columns defined by generation clauses built out of deterministic
expressions involving other columns in the row. These are what Derby call generaated colmns||Add
this field to the metadata query.||Small||Rick||

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