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From Samuel Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@nonintuitive.com>
Subject Re: FAQ language (was: Unable to run 10.0.2 GA on Mac OS X 10.3.5/VM 1.4.2_05)
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 08:06:18 GMT

On Oct 10, 2004, at 9:25 AM, Joseph Grace wrote:

> I would also segue to the following questions.  They could shed some 
> valuable light on (their JVM, but perhaps also JVM's in general) the 
> Derby "rws"/"rwd" issue (as seen on OS X but also a potential gray 
> area elsewhere)

These are all excellent questions. I have asked #1, and I will go ahead 
and pose 2-4 to them as well. Perhaps if I get more specific, they will 
as well.


> is there any way to see the report (e.g., URL to bugs database)

No, Apple's internal bug report database is not public.

> and any followups or status from Apple.

Any information Apple might give me would be under the terms of the ADC 
NDA, which means I couldn't post it here without Apple's specific 
permission. This would include the answers to the questions above, but 
I will ask for permission if I get concrete answers to any of the 
questions. Unfortunately, I suspect that posting any of the answers 
here would be a bit of a mess legally, since they are probably under an 
NDA from Sun with regard to JVM implementation, and as such I would be 
unlikely to get that permission.


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