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From Calvin Smith <cal...@thatone.com>
Subject Re: Unable to restore a Derby database [SOLVED?]
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 04:36:10 GMT
Oh man, do I feel stupid. I just re-read the manual again and realized 
that the restore from path is not the directory into which the backup 
occurred, but the sub-directory that the backup created in that directory.

I was doing:

connect 'jdbc:derby:myDb;restoreFrom=/mybackupdir';

instead of:

connect 'jdbc:derby:myDb;restoreFrom=/mybackupdir/myDb';

After trying the second form, it works perfectly. Perhaps a better 
message (indicating success or failure, instead of silence in both 
cases) would be helpful, but this was a case of PEBCAK 

Thanks again, and I apologize for wasting anybody's time on a silly 


p.s. If anybody thinks that the silent response when the backup 
directory (which contains the backup database directory) exists but the 
backup database directory doesn't exist is a bug, I'll be happy to file 
a Jira issue. This is inconsistent with the behavior when the backup 
database directory does exist but isn't valid, and the user is notified 
of an error.

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