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From Calvin Smith <cal...@thatone.com>
Subject Re: Unable to restore a Derby database [SOLVED?]
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:12:01 GMT
Okay, I'll file an issue.

Is there some trick to doing this, or is it not allowable to the public 
perhaps? When I try to do "create new issue", the pulldown to select the 
project has only one option, "MyFaces". There is no option for Derby.



Mike Matrigali wrote:

> I also think you should file a JIRA entry.  I would have at least
> expected some message in the derby.log.  A discussion would be good
> as I don't know what users want in this case.  Should the connection
> request:
> ~    a) fail with a reasonable message back to user
> ~    b) succeed but with a warning that the restore did not work back to
> user
> ~    c) succeed but with an error in derby.log
> ~    d) fail but with an error in derby.log
> ~    e) succeed with no message
> a or b seems reasonable, c or d may be easiest to implement, e seems
> unreasonable.
> The actual code to execute the restore from backup happens in derby at
> "boot" time.  And historically it has been hard to get good error
> messages back to user when boot fails at such a low level, I am not
> sure what happened in this particular case as I did not debug it.

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