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From Susan Cline <...@MeepZor.Com>
Subject Re: Derby Logo - first proposal?
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 01:55:51 GMT
Susan Cline wrote:
> It looks like I need to come up with a page for the Derby web site
> where the entries can be placed.  I'll work on one and ask a committer
> to put it up.  Especially given some folks are having a hard time
> viewing the image.

I've created a page that can be used for the Derby web site called
logo_contest.xml.  Attached is logo.tar which contains this file and the
first entry from Andrej as logo_entry_1.jpg.  logo_contest.xml refers
to the image in the standard forrest place for images, the 
resources/images directory under the documentation directory.

Below is the change I made to site.xml to include the Logo Contest as
part of the 'Home' tab, if that's possible.

   <community label="Community" tab="home">
     <derby_comm  label="Get Involved!" href="derby_comm.html"/>
     <derby_mail  label="Mailing Lists" href="derby_mail.html"/>
     <derby_bugs  label="BUGS" href="DerbyBugGuidelines.html"/>
     <derby_todo  label="To-Do" href="DerbyToDo.html"/>
     <derby_int label="Integration Topics" href="papers/" />
     <derby_logo label="Logo Contest" href="logo_contest.html" />

Could a committer put this on the Derby web site please?



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