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From Adam Blinkinsop <cognitivel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Derby Logo?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:32:49 GMT
>Do we want to have any design requirements or restrictions on the image
>we choose for Derby, or shall we leave it wide open?
>What does a Derby  look like?  ;-)

I'm thinking either the hat or the Kentucky (though a derby hat would
be pretty cool as a stylized logo...)

>What about  integrating the Apache feather image into the logo somehow?

Feather in the hat?

>Some other questions to consider:

  >Do we want the images in a specific format?
    >Some of the other projects had an SVG format requirement.

There needs to be format requirements: if only to make sure the judges
(whomever they might be) have the equipment to view the submitted

  >How should we submit our images?
   >To the mailing list(s) or upload them ... etc?

Mailing list problems: stuffing inboxes.  Uploading problems: where to?

  >Who will judge the entries?
   >Everyone gets an equal vote and this determines the winner?
   >Everyone gets a vote but a subset of folks pick the winner?
   >Other thoughts?

How do source releases work?  Straight vote?

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