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From Charlie Kelly <Char...@CharlieKelly.com>
Subject Re: Creating That First Cat (Hibernate + Derby)
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 18:56:54 GMT
It would be very useful to have information about Derby and Hibernate.
I hope that you proceed.


acemccloudxx@comcast.net wrote:

>I read through the introductions to Derby and Hibernate and, after much scratching of
the head, some finagling and a bit of trial and error, I managed to figure out how to run
the first Cat example in chapter 1 of the Hibernate manual.
>It's not quite as easy as the Derby and Hibernate manuals might have one believe.
>I'm prepared to write up some step-by-step instructions on what I did and why for the
benefit of future newbies. Of course, I only want to do it if there's someplace for it to
go (and a format) and there's a general agreement that it would be useful.

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