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From Jeffrey Lichtman <swa...@rcn.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] on ground rules for determining Derby logo
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 19:42:45 GMT

>The simple majority of votes will determine the winner.

Do you mean a simple majority or a plurality? With the number of entries, 
it's not likely that there will be a simple majority (i.e. an entry whose 
votes account for more than 50% of those cast). There are several ways to 
deal with this:

    1) the winner is the one with a plurality of votes (i.e. the most 
votes, although not necessarily a majority)

    2) a run-off among the top vote-getters (possibly the top three)

    3) instant run-off, where each voter lists up to three (or possibly 
more) selections in order of precedence. Everyone's first choice is 
counted. If the top vote-getter has more than 50% of the vote, that's the 
winner. Otherwise, figure out which candidate has the least votes, 
eliminate that one from the competition, and count the votes again using 
the next choice for anyone who preferred the candidate that was eliminated. 
Keep doing this until there is a clear winner.

    4) approval voting, where each voter is allowed to vote for as many 
candidates as he or she wants. The idea is to vote for all the candidates 
one approves of. The winner is the one that gets the most votes - there are 
no run-off elections in this voting system.

I really think it's important to figure this out - otherwise, we could run 
into disagreements about which logo really won, or we could get a winner 
with three votes that the great majority of the voters didn't vote for.

                        -        Jeff Lichtman
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