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From Rich Hall <de...@opxn.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] on ground rules for determining Derby logo
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:36:56 GMT

On Mar 7, 2005, at 5:31 PM, Susan Cline wrote:

> I think you're right, we do need to better define this.  I think 
> Option 2 would be good.
> So I'll change my original proposal to this:
> The voting will consist of two phases.  The first phase will be used 
> to select the top three
> finalists (unless there is a tie for number of votes there might be 
> more than three entries
> in the run-off.)
> The second phase will be a run-off between the top entries selected in 
> the first phase.
> * Everyone gets to vote.
> * Only one vote per person submitted to derby-user@db.apache.org
>     - please don't use a different email address to vote twice :-)
> * Vote for only one logo, or you may vote for 'none of the above'.
> * Once we call for the vote, voting will continue for one week. 
> * When we call for the vote we will announce the official deadline
>    to jive with the one week period.
> * The vote will be done by email to the derby-user mailing list.
> *The top three vote getters (actual number of votes) from the first 
> round of votes will
>      be the only logos included in the second round of voting. 
>      However, if multiple entries tie for the top number of votes, all 
> of these entries
>      will be included in the run-off.  For instance, say 7 entries all 
> get 20 votes, then
>      all 7 will be included in the run-off.  Or, if the top entry gets 
> 20 votes and the
>     second most voted on logos each get 19 votes and there are 4 of 
> these logos,
>     all 5 would be included in the second round of voting. A third 
> example would be
>     the top vote getter got 20 votes, the second got 19 votes and the 
> third got 18 votes,
>     with three entries getting 18 votes.  Then these 5 entries would 
> all be included in the
>     final round.
> * For the second round of votes the highest vote getter from the three 
> will be the winner
>     of the contest overall.
> * In the event the winner of the second round of voting produces the 
> result of
>     'None of the above', we will not choose a logo at this time and 
> wait for
>     more entries.
> * The second round of voting will last from March 21st - March 23rd, 5 
> * I volunteer to tally the votes.
> Before we actually vote for the logo, please vote on the
> acceptance of these ground rules.
> The vote for these ground rules will end March 9th at 5 PM PST.
> [ ] +1 : I agree with these rules
> [ ]  0 : abstain
> [ ] -1 : I disagree with these rules
> Finally, if you have already voted on the early rules today you do not 
> need to revote unless
> you wish to change your earlier vote.
> Susan
> Jeffrey Lichtman <swazoo@rcn.com> wrote:
> >The simple majority of votes will determine the winner.
> Do you mean a simple majority or a plurality? With the number of 
> entries,
>  it's not likely that there will be a simple majority (i.e. an entry 
> whose
>  votes account for more than 50% of those cast). There are several 
> ways to
> deal with this:
> 1) the winner is the one with a plurality of votes (i.e. the most
>  votes, although not necessarily a majority)
> 2) a run-off among the top vote-getters (possibly the top three)
> 3) instant run-off, where each voter lists up to three (or possibly
>  more) selections in order of precedence. Everyone's first choice is
> counted. If the top vote-getter has more than 50% of the vote, that's 
> the
>  winner. Otherwise, figure out which candidate has the least votes,
>  eliminate that one from the competition, and count the votes again 
> using
>  the next choice for anyone who preferred the candidate that was 
> eliminated.
>  Keep doing this until there is a clear winner.
> 4) approval voting, where each voter is allowed to vote for as many
>  candidates as he or she wants. The idea is to vote for all the 
> candidates
>  one approves of. The winner is the one that gets the most votes - 
> there are
>  no run-off elections in this voting system.
> I really think it's important to figure this out - otherwise, we could 
> run
>  into disagreements about which logo really won, or we could get a 
> winner
>  with three votes that the great majority of the voters didn't vote 
> for.
> - Jeff Lichtman
> swazoo@rcn.com
> Check out Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox at
> http://swazoo.com/

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