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From Simon <simonzm...@gmail.com>
Subject ODBC and Security Mechanism
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 05:47:38 GMT
Hello all,

I am trying to get access to a Derby Network Server working via the
ODBC client under Windows.

So -  I tried following all the instructions listed here:


However when I try to connect it fails and I get errors like this in
the derby log:

  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException is caught when initializing
  EncryptionManager 'IBMJCE'

Researching this it seems that I need to install IBMJCE - but I don't
have access to that and even if I did I'd rather not have to install
it.    I looked at the code and it seems the ODBC client is passing
securityMechanism=9 (Encrpyted userid and password) to the server.  I
looked everywhere in the ODBC configuration and the installation of
the DB2 client, db2cli.ini etc. and couldn't find how to modify this

So - the question is - does anyone know of a way to make the ODBC
client pass a different securityMechanism (as is easy to do with the
JDBC driver) so that I do not need IBMJCE?

Thanks for any help!


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