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From Simon <simonzm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Derby vs. PostgreSQL
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 01:33:41 GMT
Hi Marek,

I have quite a lot of experience with PostgreSQL and am now working
for a company that is building a product that will include an embedded
Derby database.

Good - For a pure java embedded database I am most impressed with
derby - it is fantastic to be able to distribute a pure java solution
(tomcat etc.) - less moving parts, less dependencies, cross platform -
good.  We used HSQL to begin with and Derby blows it away for

Good - The list here is really helpful and friendly - I can only see
good things in the future.  (Same should be said for postgres, I would

I do have some grumbles:

Bad - I find the docs confusing esp. with the amount of overlap b/w
"cloudscape" and "derby".  A lot of useful links/google searches dead
end into IBM land and that really frustrates me.  I assume though that
this will improve.  Postgres documentation by comparison is gorgeous.

Bad - I also find the bundled client tools really unfriendly for derby
compared to postgres - ij is horrible compared to psql.  Of course,
once you are using JDBC
you can use a whole bunch of different tools, but generally it seems a
lot of simple usability is lacking (eg. you have to set a special
parameter on the connection just to an error message back instead of a
cryptic code that you will struggle to find in documentation).

Bad - One thing that concerned me greatly was the ambiguity around
whether the driver was going to be released - yes, amazing, but true -
originally the whole DB was redistributable as open source but not the
driver to access it!  Well, I think this has been fixed for the java
access, but as far as I know if you want ODBC you are still NOT able
to redistribute the driver.   I would love to hear if this is going to

I hope nobody working on derby takes these comments as a negative - if
they are wrong I apologize, please correct me.  I just wanted to give
the experience of a new user starting up with derby and the first
impressions.  Hope it's useful to you Marek!


On 5/7/05, Marek Lewczuk <marek@lewczuk.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using PostgreSQL (and I'm very happy with that), however I'm looking
> for Java-based DBMS and Derby is a proper solution. I'm just curious how
> Derby looks comparing to PostgreSQL - performance, features, license
> etc. Does anyone have made such a comparisons ?
> Thanks in advance.
> ML

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