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From Susan Cline <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject Derby + Eclipse BIRT
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 16:48:24 GMT
The BIRT Eclipse Project, Business and Intelligence Reporting Tools, recently released Milestone
3.  Included in this milestone release is the embedded Derby driver and a sample Derby database!
In fact, the basic tutorial:   http://www.eclipse.org/birt/tutorial/basic/
uses the sample Derby database included with the release.
I verified the tutorial works correctly with Derby and also configured BIRT to use the new
Derby Client driver accessing the Derby Network Server to produce a simple report.
To configure BIRT to use the Derby client driver, see the JDBC Driver section in the Installing
BIRT document.
The tool is quite powerful, produces professional looking web pages and is relatively straightforward
to use.
For more info about BIRT check out their site: http://www.eclipse.org/birt/

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