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From Andrew McIntyre <fuzzylo...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Derby and MacOS X
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 08:16:06 GMT

On May 8, 2005, at 4:48 AM, Andrew Kachalo wrote:

> Does anyone use Derby with MacOX in Xcode?
> If yes, please share your approach on installing and setup.

Do you mean developing an application that uses Derby with XCode? If 
so, then just add the Derby jars to the lib directory of your Xcode 
project. After adding derby.jar to the lib directory, you'll find the 
Derby classes in the Class Browser and compiling and running your Derby 
application should be easy.

If you want to work on Derby itself in Xcode, that's a more complicated 
affair. There is currently a bug in Xcode that prevents debugging Java 
console applications like ij, which limits its usefulness for hacking 
on the Derby engine or tools inside of Xcode. I haven't yet tried Xcode 
2.0, which comes with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), to see if this bug has 
been fixed.


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