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From "Piet Blok" <pbh...@wanadoo.nl>
Subject Re: Derby ClientDriver versus EmbeddedDriver and a question about the Eclipse plugin
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:36:36 GMT

Thanks for your reply,

>From an earlier reply with links to already filed issues (Bernt M Johnson) I 
found that my observation number two (different SQLStates) has been noticed 
already. The other two I am not sure if they are documented yet. The first 
one (Properties not being used by connect() method) is in my opinion 
certainly a bug,. The third one I am not sure of: it is certainly a strange 
sequence of actions (however, derby embedded does not mind).

I am certainly willing to create a Jira issue, but first I have to find out 
exactly how to do this (sorry, I am not an experienced Open Source 
Contributor, so certainly not this evening). If someone else, more 
experienced than I, would do it, I appreciate it greatly. If anyone wants me 
to send the java code that demontrates the behaviour, no problem at all, I 
will send it right away.

The question about the derby plugins has, to my great relief, been answered 
quite satisfactory by Susan Cline. Thanks.

Piet Blok

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From: "David Van Couvering" <David.Vancouvering@Sun.COM>
To: "Derby Discussion" <derby-user@db.apache.org>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: Derby ClientDriver versus EmbeddedDriver and a 
question about the Eclipse plugin

> Hi, Piet.  We are working on recording and slowly resolving the
> differences between the two drivers.  It would be *very* useful for you
> to log these issues in JIRA.  Are you amenable to that?
> Thanks,
> David
> Piet Blok wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed some different behaviour between Derby EmbeddedDriver and
>> ClientDriver. This was a disappointment, because I wanted to develop a
>> Derby application that may switch between the two drivers.
>> Differences I noticed are:
>> 1) EmbeddedDriver accepts and uses a Properties object as the second
>> parameter on the connect method. ClientDriver accepts, but does NOT
>> USE the Properties object. A bug?
>> 2) When an attempt is made to connect to a non-existing database (no
>> attribute create=true) EmbeddedDerby throws an SQLException with
>> SQLState "XJ004", ClientDriver "08004" (connection refused with
>> additional text database does not exist). A bug?
>> 3) ResultSet behaviour: When I execute, in this order,
>> ResultSet.getMetaData(), then execute ResultSet. next() until it
>> returns false, and then again execute ResultSet.getMetaData(),
>> EmbeddedDriver does as requested, however, ClientDriver throws an
>> SQLException at the last getMetaData() saying that the ResultSet has
>> been closed. A bug or should this be expected?
>>  (The reason for this strange sequence is the following: I wanted
>> to create a JTable as follows: new JTable(createColumnData(resultset),
>> createHeaderData(resultset)). Apparently this was processed by java
>> from left to right. For EmbeddedDriver no problem.)
>> I prepared a small (175 lines) piece of java code that
>> demonstrates all three differences. If you wish I can send it.
>> (I use the official release of derby:, JRE 1.5.0_04, and use
>> Eclipse 3.1 to compile my classes. I have all the derby jar files in
>> the EXT directory of the JRE)
>> A question about the Eclipse plugins: I read the warning that these
>> plugins can only be used in Eclipse 3.1 up to Milestone 6. Is there
>> any chance that in the near future an official release of these
>> plugins will be available for the official Eclipse 3.1 release? Yes, I
>> also read the prescriptions on how to alter the plugins so they can be
>> used with the official release but, having no experience at all with
>> SubVersion, Ant, Plugin development and whatever needed to perform
>> this alteration other than things working out opposite as expected, I
>> decided to live without the plugin and wait.
>> Piet Blok

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