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From Charlie Kelly <Char...@CharlieKelly.com>
Subject Re: GUI for Derby
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 01:54:34 GMT
I'd like to add something about Eclipse + Hibernate, since Charlie raves 
about that (see 

), but only if somebody has an URL handy that shows how to configure 
that combination.

Here is a "conservative" outline for configuring Eclipse + Hibernate + 
(It is conservative in that there are alternative methods that use less 

1) Create a new Eclipse plugin (eg com.yourname.persistence)
2) Copy all jars for Hibernate and Derby to this plugin
3) Export these jars via plugin.xml (for this plugin)
4) If you want to use automatically generated build.xml, modify 
build.properties to include jars from step 2
5) Beneath the "src" folder, create the persistent classes for your 
    You can include Hibernate annontations (using Hibernate v3.1) or 
Xdoclet meta-information in these classes
6) Make this plugin available to other plugins in you application (via 
dependencies their plugin.xml files)
    Additionally you might choose to configure your plugin as a feature, 
and possibly build an update site for the feature.

I intend to write an article that explains this process in the "near" 

Hope this helps.


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