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From Xavier Vigouroux <Xavier-Francois.Vigour...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: transient priviledgeException
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:41:49 GMT

Le 5 oct. 05, à 18:49, Michael J. Segel a écrit :

> On Wednesday 05 October 2005 10:44, Xavier Vigouroux wrote:
>> Le 4 oct. 05, à 23:27, Øystein Grøvlen a écrit :
>>>>>>>> "XV" == Xavier Vigouroux <Xavier-Francois.Vigouroux@Sun.COM>
>>>>>>>> writes:
>>>     XV> Hi,
>>>     XV> I have a transient priviledgeException  when connection to 
>>> the
>>> DB with
>>>     XV> ij.
>>>     XV> here is the scenario:
>>>     XV>   1/ I start an embeddedServer
>>>     XV>   2/ wait for the ping() be ok (tested in the JVM creating 
>>> the
>>> server)
>>>     XV>   3/ start ij to create a schema.
>>>     XV> then in 4, I get a transient error...i.e if I retry it works.
>>>     XV> what should I wait for to be sure the server is ready to
>>> recieve cmd?
>>> I checked the implementation of ping(), and it seems to only check
>>> that it is able to get in touch with the network server.  It does not
>>> try to get a connection to a database.  Does anyone have any
>>> suggestion for how Xavier can determine that the server is ready to
>>> create a database?
>> hi,
>> This is really important for me to have a clear condition about the
>> state of the server.
>> making a sleep 10 is not convincing anybody
>> thanks
> Silly me.
> You're doing this in a shell script?


> So when you start derby your command forks a seperate process, hence 
> IJ gets
> started prior to the completion of the creation of the base database.

no, IJ is creating the DB. and It creates it after the ping() has 
returned ok.

> Simple solution.
> Write a simple Java App that will in a loop attempt to get a 
> connection to the
> database. Once you succeed to get a connection, you exit and then go 
> on with
> your script. If you want to be really, really sure, you can always do 
> a query
> against something in the SYS schema.

If I understand you, you propose to improve my call to ping with a loop 
on the creation (ie. url with create=true) of a *FAKE* schema until it 

Then I have to delete all the associated files..... This is what I call 
a work-around :-)

The real problem is that the ping() returns before the connection can 
be accepted. This is the root problem.

do you agree?


PS: In my design, there is a big separation between the server and the 
user of derby. And the server
indicates it is ready if and only if it is effectively ready....

> (Its a Bart Simpson type of app. "Are we there yet?"...)
> This should cause enough of a delay that when you run IJ you don't get 
> your
> exception.
> No?
>>> --
>>> Øystein
> -- 
> Michael Segel
> Principal
> (312) 952-8175
Xavier VIGOUROUX - sun microsystems

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