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From "Daniel Skiles" <dski...@docfinity.com>
Subject RE: Error 38000 with a stack overflow on recordset.next()?
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:01:42 GMT
> Hmmm, indeed it looks like it is looping in Derby code.
> Are you using a function or procedure? Can you post the query you are
> using, and if a function/procedure is involved the source of that? Any
> reproducible case would allow this to be fixed much quicker.


I start out by running the following prepared statement a few thousand

INSERT into existingfiles (path, id) VALUES (?, ?)

Where path is a windows file path and id is an integer.  I clear out the
parameters with clearParameters() after each insert and set them to new
values.  Then I close and null out the statement.

After that I create another prepared statement that looks like this:

INSERT INTO filesystemfiles (path) VALUES (?)

And run it a few hundred to a few thousand times with a string argument
in the form of a Windows file path.  After that I close it and move on
to this select statement:

SELECT path from filesystemfiles where path not in (select path from

I've run this as both a Statement and a PreparedStatment.  I then get
back the ResultSet.  Things blow up when I try to run next() on it.  The
only thing that I can think is that the query using a subselect and two
large tables may be hosing up the Derby code.  Let me know if you need
anything else.

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