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From Nicolas Dufour <nicolas.duf...@neometsys.fr>
Subject Argg stored procedures !
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 22:50:54 GMT

Still working on my porting an SQL Server database to a derby one, I 
have some questions for you.
Before, thanks to Army for the function creation.

I have read the IBM forum about derby stored procedure and I have 
created one which works prefectly in ij but i cant call the procedure 
from an ODBC link !? I just put :

And the link said : wrong syntax !
Like it doesnt understand everuthing including the word 'CALL' !

Ok .. thanks odbc .. it helps a lot... if you have any idea about this one.

Another question about stored procedure :
I want to create a stored procedure which the goal will be to do a 
select with a 'where in ' and a list of integer. This list of integer 
should be the parameter of my stored procedure, but how can i do that ? 
or perhaps its not the right way to do it ?

Thank you a lot


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