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From Rajesh Kartha <kar...@Source-Zone.Org>
Subject Re: How can I tell if Derby is using my derby.properties file or not?
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 23:34:38 GMT
Bryan Pendleton wrote:

> Sorry, rank beginner question here: I've placed a
> derby.properties file into the directory that (I think)
> is my derby.system.home directory, and I'm trying to tell
> whether derby is in fact using my properties or not.
> Does Derby write any special sort of messages to
> derby.log upon reading my derby.properties file? Or is
> there some other way that I can verify that the desired
> properties have been read?
> thanks,
> bryan
The derby.log does not show any special messages about the 
derby.properties being read .As long as the derby.system.home is 
pointing to the correct location
that has the derby.properties file, it will be read.



One simple way to check is to add some debug properties to the 
derby.properties file and see if they are
reflected in the derby.log.

Example: To log all executed statements to the log file:



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