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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: What is this exception trying to tell me?
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 20:44:34 GMT
David W. Van Couvering wrote:

> Bryan, I would love it if you logged this error message as a bug, we
> need to clean up some of our error messages to be more meaningful.
> And, no, sorry, I have no idea what this means.
> David
> Bryan Pendleton wrote:
>> I got this exception several times today, but I don't know
>> what it's trying to tell me.
>> Can anybody take a stab at explaining this error to me in more
>> "layman's" terms?
>> Is there a place where I should have gone to look up 0x2116?
>> thanks,
>> bryan
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.DisconnectException: Execution failed due
>> to a distribution protocol error that caused deallocation of the
>> conversation. A PROTOCOL Data Stream Syntax Error was detected.
>> Reason: 0x2116 at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.Reply.doSyntaxrmSemantics(Unknown Source)
>> at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetConnectionReply.parseSYNTAXRM(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetConnectionReply.parseCommonError(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetStatementReply.parsePrepareError(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetStatementReply.parsePRPSQLSTTreply(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetStatementReply.readPrepareDescribeOutput(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.StatementReply.readPrepareDescribeOutput(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.net.NetStatement.readPrepareDescribeOutput_(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.Statement.readPrepareDescribeOutput(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.PreparedStatement.readPrepareDescribeInputOutput(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.PreparedStatement.flowPrepareDescribeInputOutput(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.PreparedStatement.prepare(Unknown Source)
>> at org.apache.derby.client.am.Connection.prepareStatementX(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> org.apache.derby.client.am.Connection.prepareStatement(Unknown
>> Source) at
>> ...

David is on target that  we probably need a bug to be filed.   Normally
when there is a protocol exception it means a bug.   SYNTAXRM means that
the server has spent a response to the client which the client doesn't
understand.     Here the client has sent a prepare and is expecting
statement description information back from the server but something
went wrong.

 Things that would be very helpful in the bug:

1) A reproducible case (some java code  or sql script that can be used
to show the error).
2) sysinfo output. org.apache.derby.tools.sysinfo
3) Any errors that appear in the derby.log or  network server console

If it is not easy to reproduce, let us know and we can try to find other
ways to collect the needed info.



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