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From Andrew McIntyre <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject snapshot posted
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 16:50:13 GMT
In preparation for an upcoming release, a new snapshot has  
been posted to the Derby website at http://db.apache.org/derby/ 
derby_downloads.html. Feedback from interested testers is always  

Information concerning the release can be found here: http:// 

 From the CHANGES:

Complete Details for version can be viewed at:

** Bug fixes
     * [DERBY-385] - servlet Back to Main Page link points to csnet  
instead of derbynet
     * [DERBY-388] - Intermittent failures when executing UPDATE  
trigger statements
     * [DERBY-406] - Client DataSource should not require user  
property to be set
     * [DERBY-409] - ClientDataSource setConnectionAttributes 
("create=true") fails with   "An attempt was made to access a  
database, mydbcreate=true, which was not found."
     * [DERBY-410] - ClientDataSource should not require serverName/ 
portNumber to  be set
     * [DERBY-414] - With Network Client starting an XA transaction  
resets the isolation level set with setTransactionIsolation
     * [DERBY-440] - derby.jar has directory (package) entries in it  
which are not required
     * [DERBY-447] - getBoolean() throws data conversion exception  
for DECIMAL type in J2ME/CDC/Foundation
     * [DERBY-452] - Import/export fails for DECIMAL type in J2ME/ 
     * [DERBY-470] - Exception when using LOCALIZEDDISPLAY with JSR169
     * [DERBY-476] - Derby UI plug-in version 1.0.0 incompatible with  
Eclipse 3.1 M6 or higher
     * [DERBY-485] - SecurityException or LinkageException thrown  
during loading a class from a database jar incorrectly shuts the  
engine down.
     * [DERBY-488] - DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() fails on iSeries  
JDK 1.4 with verfier error on generated class.
     * [DERBY-518] - Data type mismatch error for boolean to DECIMAL  
conversion in J2ME
     * [DERBY-530] - ClientDriver ignores Properties object in connect 
(String url, Properties connectionProperties) method
     * [DERBY-535] - Driver.acceptsURL() for embedded driver  
incorrectly returns true for a client url like jdbc:derby://
     * [DERBY-540] - Loading databases from jars in the classpath is  
broken, databases cannot be found.
     * [DERBY-559] - With Network Client, user and password  
attriubtes specified in the url should not  be sent to hte server  
with the RDBNAM or print with getURL
     * [DERBY-561] - embedded driver jdbcCompliant() method should  
return true
     * [DERBY-566] - Doc bug for saving ij output to a file

** Improvement
     * [DERBY-419] - Support direct execution of derbynet.jar using  
the -jar option of the VM.
     * [DERBY-468] - Unreserve COUNT keyword, if possible.

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