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From Johan <johanwasser...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Starting Derby at boot time on linux
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 11:31:28 GMT
 <Oyvind.Bakksjo@...> writes: 
> Johan Wasserman wrote: 
> > How do I start Derby at boot time on linux?  I used the startup script  
> > provided (startNetworkServer.ksh) and linked it to S99derby in rc5.d but  
> > get the message "Could not listen on port 1527 on host start"... 
> >  
> > Kind regards... 
> I don't know of course, but it could be that you already have a process  
> occupying that port. Try running the command below: 
> netstat --tcp -l -p --numeric-ports | grep 1527 
Hmmm, ok.  I have nothing running on that port. I have been particularly 
carefull of that using a clean minimal install of Suse 9.1 and making sure 
that no other databases is installed.  Before implementing the Derby startup 
scripts I also did a reboot and checked the all the ports used by the machine 
(netstat -anp) to make sure nothing would interfere. 
I will investigate further and post back when I find the problem/solution. 
Meantime, if anyone has been able to do this please let me know their method. 
Kind regards. 

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