Hi Dav,
Are you by any chance trying to use JDBC 2.0 updatable resultset apis? If so, in Derby, you have to create your resultset as forward only updatable resultset since that is the only type of updatable resultset that is supported at this point. More information on updatable resultset support in Derby can be found in 10.1 documentation at http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals/index.html. Also, there are some tests written for this functionality which might be of interest to you.

On 10/4/05, Davor Prezel <davor.prezel@programskakuca.hr> wrote:
I'm trying to get Derby 10.1 Net Server to work with Torque, but when I
try to insert or update the ColumnMetadata returns the read-only flag as
true nad therefore Torque cannot save it.
I have checked and the databse itself is NOT readonly. I have not used
any extra parameters to get the Derby to start, nor did I put some extra
parameters to Derby JDBC client.
I'm using Derby JDBC client bundled with the Derby Server 10.1

I appreciate the help on this. Thanks