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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Incorporating the new derby logo into the web site
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 03:57:25 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>>I found the right forrest incantation to put the search box on the nav
>> .
> Susan Cline wrote:
>>    Attachment: derby_logo_small_dec21.png
>>Here's another option for consideration on our web site.  The font is *fairly* closely
matched with the Apache DB Project Font.
> I'm a little lost here, Jean and Susan seem to be proposing new versions
> of the logo that we voted on a couple of weeks ago.
> Is that the case? Do we have to vote to accept these? Or could they be
> seen as variations on a theme and acceptable. [which means, what would
> make it different, adding a feather :-)]

We voted on Roger's logo, which he split out into the various components 
at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-747 .

> Is there some reason for not using the logo with the text that was voted
> upon? For legal (trademark) reasons we would need to remove the "Pure
> Java Database" tag, but apart from that it is what I thought was voted on.

We voted for more than just the one version of the logo with the text. 
In any event, that specific logo is great for the Derby documentation, 
but it's too wide for web site display. The screen shot at 
doesn't show what it looks like when you expand/reduce the browser 
window. The image displayed on the web site needs to be more narrow.

I'm looking at Susan's variation and I believe it very nicely 
encapsulates what Roger did in a more narrow space. --I'll post a 
screenshot of what that looks like.

We could of course, simply use the hat without any wording at all:
. However, that particular image is too large for the web site, so thus 
requires resizing. I don't believe that resizing it creates a new variation.

In other words, we should modify the variations of the logo Roger 
donated under the ASL as needed to fit a particular purpose. I don't 
believe that adding text to the logo fundamentally changes it.

> Jean wrote:
>>Unless I hear objections or better suggestions, I'll go ahead and commit this change
to the web site Friday mid day (Pacific time).
> Is that just moving the search bar, adding a logo (which?) or both?

Mostly I was planning to commit what I did today, unless I could 
generate some interest, which I apparently did -- excellent!  I'm open 
to suggestions of how to incorporate the Derby logo into the web site; 
however, I need to make it clear that my own graphics abilities are 
limited to the ability to erase wording and add (some) wording.

If people want to keep solely to what Roger donated, then I would choose 
resized to fit the web site.

If you want to discuss adding a feather to it -- sure, we can discuss 
that as well.


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