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From sa...@kanjo.net
Subject Re: What is diffrence(es) between derby.system.home and DERBY_INSTALL ?
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 19:49:40 GMT
1. No, its the folder containing MyDB. For example, I have a folder in my
application's folder named "derbydata". Within that folder I have 3 folders
named "dev", "test", and "prod". When I run my batch jobs or web application I
set derby.system.home to the "derbydata" folder. I then specify one of the
database names "dev", "test", or "prod" to connect to the appropriate database
without needing to specify the database path in the url.

2 & 3. I have not used derby.properties file but I would assume this 
file would
be in the folder specified by derby.system.home. In my example it would the
derbydata folder. The network server does nothing other than delegate network
requests to the specified database located on the local file system. As far as
I know, the network server cannot be configured with derby.properties or
service.properties. Perhpas somebody else who has used derby.properties could
help direct you on this issue.

, in your example it should be in the MyDB folder.
Quoting Legolas Woodland <legolas.w@gmail.com>:
> thank you for reply.
> 1-Now my question is  , for example i create  a database in drive c , 
> with name of MyDB , is this MyDB folder my derby.system.home ?
> 2-where should i put derby.properties ? if i want it to be 
> system-wide setting? should it be inside *bin folder *of *network 
> server *? or it should be in some place else.
> 3-where i should put derby.properties if i want it as database-wide 
> settings ?
> Thank you
>> Quoting Legolas Woodland <legolas.w@gmail.com>:
>>> Hi
>>> Thank you for reading my post.
>>> i find that we have two variable for derby directories , one which 
>>> we use during installation and one which is good for Tuning
>>> now i want to ask what their differences and /or similarities

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