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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: What is diffrence(es) between derby.system.home and DERBY_INSTALL ?
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 18:31:52 GMT
Legolas Woodland wrote:
> Bryan Pendleton wrote:
>> samer@kanjo.net wrote:
>>> 2 & 3. I have not used derby.properties file but I would assume this 
>>> file would
>>> be in the folder specified by derby.system.home. In my example it 
>>> would the
>>> derbydata folder. The network server does nothing other than delegate 
>>> network
>>> requests to the specified database located on the local file system. 
>>> As far as
>>> I know, the network server cannot be configured with derby.properties or
>>> service.properties. 
>> derby.properties works fine with the Network Server. As you say, it 
>> should
>> be placed in the derby.system.home folder. Here's some more information:
>> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.1/tuning/ctunsetprop13074.html
>> thanks,
>> bryan
> Hi
> Thank you all for you helps.
> with the following variables , i made a derby.properties ,can you tell 
> me whether it is ok or not.
> 1-derby is installed in  *F:\db-derby-\*  so it is also 
> 2-all of my databases are located in : *F:\db-derby-\databases , 
> ##* *I move them myself from different places , does it current my date ?*
> in the above folder there are several databases like DB1 , Tutorial , 
> testDB ,MyDB .....
> now i create the following file and name it derby.properties , i put it 
> into  *F:\db-derby-\frameworks\NetworkServer\bin*
> the derby.properties file that i made contains the following items
> *--------------------------------------------------------*
> derby.system.home=F:\db-derby-\databases
> derby.infolog.append=true
> derby.language.logStatementText=true
> derby.storage.initialPages=320
> derby.storage.pageSize=8192
> derby.storage.initialPages=64
> *------------------------------------*
FYI: the setting derby.storage.initialPages is duplicated in your file.

You might want to allocate a larger page cache to Derby with 
derby.storage.pageCacheSize. If you do, don't forget to increase the 
heap space for the JVM.
Read more here: 

> do i put it in right place ?

If you do not specify derby.system.home on the command line (or from the 
application starting Derby), the derby.properties file must be in the 
directory you start the server from.

You can verify that Derby reads the property file by starting your 
server, connect to it with for instance ij and create a database - say 
'MySpecialDB'. The directory 'F:\db-derby-\databases' should 
then contain a directory named 'MySpecialDB'. If it doesn't, Derby has 
not picked up your property file and created the database elsewhere 
(current directory)!

You might have to edit the script to make it behave the way you want 
(add 'cd F:\db-derby-\frameworks\NetworkServer\bin', *or* add 
the Java argument '-Dderby.system.home=F:\db-derby-\databases' 
and move derby.properties to the directory you specified)

I suppose what you want to do is to have the server always look in the 
same directory for databases, no matter where you execute the script 
from in the file system.

A different, but related matter:
Can someone confirm that it is *not possible* to first set 
derby.system.home on the command line (or equvialent), and then have 
Derby change the value of derby.system.home based on a second 
specification in the derby.properties file?
(only on startup, not dynamically)


> If i want to have a high load database (in peak time 30 tra / second ) 
> with some tables loaded with 1,000,000 records , which other properties 
> i should add to *derby.properties* ?
> ps : which problem/limitation will derby bring with such high load system ?
> sometimes ago i read that some one has problem with its Index creation . 
> is it possible that i fail because of derby limitation ?
> Thank you all.

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