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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: apache derby with CDC/JSR 169
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 00:31:11 GMT
Timothy Luksha (RIT Student) wrote:

> Sorry I was so slow responding to your questions.  I didn't have access to the machine
running CVM over the holiday.  Thanks for taking an interest in my issues. 
> I haven't been able to locate the foundation profile jars on Sun's website.  So when
I build the project, I build it without the two jar files mentioned in the building.txt file.
  I have only been able to find what looks to be some source code that could be built and
used as one of the the jars.  Do you happen to have the foundation profile jars from Sun already
built?  I noticed a post you made quite a while back indicating that you were using IBM's
WCTME 5.7.  When I investigated that as an option, it looked like I would have to sign up
and purchase it.  So that eliminated it as an option. 

Derby requires classes from the Foundation profile to work, if you don't
have that in your environment then there's not much hope. Here's a link
I've found to Sun's foundation profile, it claims to have reference
implementations, I haven't looked further.


The JSR 169 JDBC subset is built on top of Foundation, hence its full name:

JSR-000169 JDBC Optional Package for CDC/Foundation Profile

The sysinfo output you provided showed that Derby does determine that
you are running in an J2ME environment.

Thanks for finding the NullPointerException, I will ensure that gets fixed.


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