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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Developing a UI for Derby
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:31:08 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:

> Matt Sanford wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I agree a UI is nice when you are trying out new dev libraries.
>> Something so you can quickly evaluate if you want to pursue this or
>> not. Having said that, I think it's a terrible off-topic use of time
>> to build a GUI. Derby is a database, and as such should do one thing
>> and do it very well (even if it is a rather large thing to do). I
>> would suggest that we just solicit someone like Aqua Data Studio
>> (http://www.aquafold.com/) to add us to the first-tier list of
>> databases and point users to that. I only suggest Aqua because it was
>> very recently asked about on this list and confirmed to work and does
>> have a personal/educational license. I am sure there are other options
>> I am not aware of with friendlier licensing that could be made to work
>> well with Derby.  
> I think both approaches have merit.

Right, all approaches have merit and solve different problems for
different people. There is no one correct GUI for Derby. I can think of
at least five styles:

  Eclipse plugin
  Netbeans plugin (is that the correct term?)
  Eclipse RCP

Then what is the purpose of the tool, administration, database
development, data analysis, etc. Again different needs for different folks.

> I'm delighted to see anyone with energy contribute effort to developing
> a GUI for Derby.

> It's also great for existing third-party products to add Derby to their
> list of supported databases.

+1 to those two.

I would also encourage people to look at what's out there and get
involved. If you have an itch for a good GUI Derby plugin for Eclipse
then look at the existing Eclipse projects, such as Data Tools Project
(DTP), Web Tools Project (WTP) and BIRT. A lot of the basic
functionality already exists there, such as schema browsing etc. Maybe
Derby specific plugins could be added.

>> Or perhaps the Apache DB project should start work on a new GUI
>> outside of the Derby project as part of the maintenance portion of the
>> mission statement.
> If somebody wants to champion a completely new GUI project for Apache
> DB, they'd be welcome to speak up. It'd be interesting to see if enough
> volunteer interest could be drummed up to sustain such a project.

As Jean says if someone wants to go for that, that would be great.

Derby's charter currently says "Database GUI tooling and IDEs are not
developed by the Derby project." I would say that any general purpose
database GUI tool does not belong in the Derby project, that would be
better as a sub-project of Apache DB. It's possible that Derby specific
GUI tooling (e.g. admin tools for configuring Derby specific features)
could be added into the Derby charter.


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