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From Sylvain RICHET ...@axiliance.com>
Subject Select queries using a "row number" implementation ?
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:57:21 GMT
Hi everyone,

In a selection statement, i would like to get blocks of records filtred
by "relative record number".

It seems that the way to address a row number is not (SQL) standard
(different "proprietary" implementations) 

In Oracle, there is the "rowid".
In MySQL, the "LIMIT" clause can do it.
In SQL Server, i think there is the "ROW_NUMBER() OVER..."
On AS/400 + DB2 , there is the "RRN" (Relative Record Number)...

What about Derby database ?
How is it implemented on this server (especially in the embedded mode) ?

Thanks in advance.

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