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From "LEE YAN SHEN, ITDO" <YS...@psa.com.sg>
Subject DB File Size
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:22:08 GMT

I have been doing stress test on the database doing lots of
insert/update/delete/query rapidly and found that one of the files is
growing rapidly although the number of records in the db remain more or
less constant during the test. In fact, it grew 100 over megabytes after
about 350,000 transactions. The only way to reduce the file size was to
do a compress table which made it reduce to only 2 MB.

Is it the expected behaviour? From the documentation, derby should be
zero admin and be able to reuse space made available after a record is
deleted. Hence I do not expect the file size to grow constantly with the
same number of records.

Can anyone advise please?


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