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From Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <edson.rich...@mgrinformatica.com.br>
Subject Re: Apache Derby (in the guise of Java DB) now shipping in Sun Java SE SDK
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 19:04:38 GMT
Just curious, how could a view change datatype of one column?

AFAIK, I can create additional column into the table, then use an view 
with alias to that column... But what happen if the column if part of 
primary key? Or foreign key? A unique index? Then developer still need 
to deal with migrating data, droping constraints, recreate, and so on.

I do prefer think on views like "views" - not an workaround for missing 
(and very important) database features.


Suavi Ali Demir escreveu:
> Updateable views would make it easy. Regards, Ali
> Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <edson.richter@mgrinformatica.com.br> wrote:
>   Unfortunately, for developers, TBDITW don't allow change column names, 
> datatypes, nullability, etc...
> At least, no without large efforts (like creating a new table, migrating 
> all data to new table, dropping constraints & table, creating a table 
> with correct columns, copying data back, recreating constraints...)
> So is still necessary to develop in another database of preference (to 
> get speed and productivity), then migrate to Derby... and cross fingers 
> to not need change anything after app is in production, because changing 
> a column on a table with million of records take hours... and need too 
> much attention to not make mistakes, then I give it up. Forget. I can't 
> deal with Derby in production, not now... I'll be very happy when this 
> would be possible.
> Anyway, it's a great database... work like a charm in static database 
> schemas...
> Sorry by the rant,
> Richter
> David Van Couvering escreveu:
>> As you may or may not have seen on the blogosphere, build 88 of 
>> Mustang includes Java DB 10.2, Sun's supported distribution of Derby 
>> 10.2.
>> This is great news, both for our team and for developers. Developers 
>> get the Best Database In the World (TM) out-of-the box, and Derby will 
>> likely get a lot more users and attention!
>> If you want to check it out, please go to
>> http://download.java.net/jdk6/binaries/
>> David
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