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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Using Derby within the JDK
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 21:29:36 GMT
On 6/29/06, Ray Kiddy <kiddyr@apple.com> wrote:
> Does anyone still use korn shell? I know guys who used to work on
> mainframes who use it, but nobody else.

Well, ksh is my preferred shell, but bash and ksh are so similar that
I don't bother switching if I end up in one or the other.

Take a look at DERBY-1032. I just uploaded a set of new scripts there
that hopefully will go into the /bin directory of the distributions
for 10.2. Just untar the file into where you put the rest of the -bin
(or -lib) distribution. Setup will go something like:

"Set the DERBY_HOME environment variable to the location where you
have installed Derby. Set JAVA_HOME to the home directory of a JDK or
JRE installation. Then, add the /bin directory to your path like so:


You should now be able to run the Derby tools. Confirm that the
environment variables are set properly by running sysinfo:

$ sysinfo
<show sysinfo output>

You can now use ij, the interactive JDBC scripting tool, to create a
database and begin running SQL commands:

$ ij
ij Version 10.2
> connect 'jdbc:derby:myDB;create=true';
> create table t1 ( c1 int, c2 int );

Also, 10.2 will have an executable jar file, derbyrun.jar, that
provides easy access to the tools from the command line and are in the
directory where you have installed Derby. e.g.:

java -jar lib/derbyrun.jar ij

will run ij.

> So, is anyone thinking of a more accessible set of docs on the
> initial setup? I am willing to write something, but I probably have a
> different approach to these things.

The Working With Derby document aims to be a quick up-and-running
guide for new users. It is also new with 10.2. See:



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