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From Diego Cattelan <netman...@libero.it>
Subject Identity/Sequence
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:22:28 GMT
Hi, i'm investigating on using derby for some new project i'll start 
next week, but i'm facing in some trouble/misunderstanding of  derby 

If i declare a column as


derby fills it correctly with an increasing value.

My problem is:
in my application logic i will obviously reuse previous-projects 
libraries in wich sometimes i use two tables sharing the same 
generator/sequence. In Oracle,PostgreSQL and Firebird i do something like


create sequence asequence starting with 1;

create table tableA(
	id integer GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY BY asequence,

create table tableB(
	id integer GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY BY asequence,

i need to do the same with derby, but how can i do that ?


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