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From Leslie Software <lesliesoftw...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Trouble accessing read only DB with 10.1 (created and accessed fine with 10.0)
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 19:53:58 GMT
Thanks for your reply.  

Oops, I was obviously up way to late last night.

After I had been up for a while (and had my coffee) I realized that on my todo list I have
an entry to fix one of my queries that results in a table scan so that it does not do that
(my query was not written in an efficient way).  It just so happens that the "action" I was
using to test the upgrade to 10.1 used this query.  This means it does not take a long time
using my small test database but it does when I use my large test database.  I was comparing
the query time while using the small database and 10.0 to the query time when using the large
database and 10.1.  Once I compare apples to apples I see that 10.1 is actually sightly faster
*not* slower.

Sorry for the confusion - I am a happy 10.1 user now.

I am moving that TODO item to the top of my list now:-)


Ian Leslie - Shareware Author (mailto:lesliesoftware@yahoo.com)

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