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From <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: Derby plug-in for - suggestion / contribution
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 18:40:08 GMT
Hi Ian, 

This is great! We certainly are interested in your contribution. I'm not 100% sure about 
the process you need to go through to contribute this, but I'll outline what I think is 
the correct way and other folks can jump in that have more experience with this; 

1) Look at this section on the Derby web site: 
2) Read the DerbyContributorChecklist on the wiki:
I believe the most important part about this checklist is to complete an ICLA.
Also, please file a JIRA to attach the patch to.
3) Have you filed a JIRA before?  I believe you need to get developer access to do so.
If you don't have this access, post a message to the derby-dev mailing list to request
this access.
As I said, others will hopefully jump in if I have missed something.

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From: Leslie Software 
To: Derby-User 
Sent: Friday, July 7, 2006 4:16:20 AM 
Subject: Derby plug-in for - suggestion / contribution 

I recently upgraded to and was pleased to see an eclipse plug-in available. Previously
I had been rolling my own out of the regular install. I am using Derby in an RCP application
and therefore have a desire to have a feature too. After my upgrade I switched to using your
distributed plug-in and changed my home grown feature to reference it instead of my home grown
plug-in. The one short coming of the distributed plug-in is that it lacks branding which means
the derby feature does not present a logo on my application's about box nor does it offer
links to licensing etc. So, I tweaked the distributed plug-in to add branding information.
I copied the notice files from the normal distribution created a .gif file (based on your
recent branding efforts) and created a branded feature. Now Derby takes its proper place in
my application's about box. I have attached a screen shot of my app's about box and the Derby
feature's about box. 

I would like to suggest the official distribution also contain these changes. What would be
the right way to contribute this? I have Eclipse projects that create my versions of the plug-in
and feature plus I have a deployed image too. 



Ian Leslie - Shareware Author (mailto:lesliesoftware@yahoo.com)

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