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From Marc Schlegel <Marc.Schle...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Run Derby with IBMs J9 VM
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 21:47:35 GMT
Myrna van Lunteren schrieb:
> On 7/27/06, Marc Schlegel <Marc.Schlegel@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hi everybody.
>> I'm trying to get Derby run on the J9 VM on a Windows Mobile 3 Pocket
>> PC.
>> If I'm using the binaries I get an UnsupportedClassVersionError (IDE:
>> Device Developer 5.6). Because of this I'm currently trying to build the
>> derby-src. The problem now is that I need a JDK 1.3 AND 1.4 environment
>> to build! But this way I think that I don't get rid of this
>> UnsupportedClassVersionError. I've downloaded/imported all necessary
>> jar-files (JSR 169, junit, jdbc2_0-stdext).
>> Another Problem is that after I've installed the necessary JDKs I still
>> get an build-error which says *"[javac] class file has wrong version
>> 48.0, should be 47.0" *for the 1.4-javac-tasks??? I've installed
>> jdk1.4.2_12.
>> Please, I need help because it's a project work for the university.
>> Thx
> Hi,
> An UnsupportedClassVersionError may indicate a mismatch in libraries
> in your classpath. I am wondering if
> 0. you are running with the foundation or max libraries (with wsdd5.6,
>   you cannot run with foundation & derby)
> a. it would be possible for you to switch to wctme5.7 (the successor
> of wsdd5.6)
> b. you can successfully run your program outside the JDE, using the j9
> executables and libraries.
> I've only run wsdd5.6 on straight Windows (2000), so I'm not sure this
> is exactly portable, but on windows 2000 I'd could evade the IDE with
> a command like so:
>  j9 -jcl:max
> -Xbootclasspath/p:c:/wsdd5.6/ive/lib/jclMax/classes.zip;c:/wsdd5.6/ive/lib/charconv.zip;c:/wsdd5.6/ive/lib/jclMax
> org.apache.derby.tools.ij to start ij (I'm assuming you've gotten the
> jdbc classes, mine installed into jclMax).
>    I believe that if you have $JAVA_HOME set to wsdd5.6/bin you
> shouldn't even need the classes.zip and charconv.zip in the
> bootclasspath.
> If you can get your class to go without the IDE, you can start digging
> for the offending setting...
> Regarding the build error, maybe someone else can speak up on that, if
> you follow the instructions in the BUILDING.txt you should be able to
> get it going...Although...I've never tried building on a Pocket PC.
> Maybe you can post the contents of your ant.properties?
> hth
> Myrna
Thanks for your help.
I've downloaded a trial version of wctme5.7 and tried a little bit with
different profiles but I still get this UnsupportedClassVersionError.
I don't know what you mean with "foundation or max libraries" (in 5.7
there are 3 profiles: foundation, midp and personal)?

A strange thing happened to my efforts kompiling the derby-src with ant.
With wctme5.7 I don't get this version error I mentioned before, but now
I get an error that a class named StringBuilder could not be resolved.
But the StringBuilder comes with JDK1.5 and is not available in 1.4??

-- Marc

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