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From "mark boylan" <markboy...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: TRUE/FALSE SQL functionality
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 23:47:38 GMT
I don't know if this helps, but I created a boolean_type table...

create table boolean_type (
  boolean_type_id char(1) not null primary key,
  boolean_type_name varchar(5) not null

insert into boolean_type values ('Y', 'true');
insert into boolean_type values ('N', 'false');

and then I use it for the constraint...

create table my_table (
  my_id int not null primary key,
  my_string varchar(100),
  create_user int,
  deleted char(1) not null references boolean_type(boolean_type_id)

Hope that helps,

- mark

>Hi Joel,
>There is a lot of interest in enabling the BOOLEAN datatype. Unfortunately, 
>our first attempt at this foundered on network protocol and 
>release-compatibility issues. At this time, we don't understand how to 
>enable this datatype without issuing a major release of Derby (release 11).
>Joel Garringer wrote:
>>We would like to migrate to Derby, but we have encountered some difficulty 
>>in regard to support for Boolean operations. It isnít critical to us that 
>>Derby store Booleans, but there are some operations in a large number of 
>>our SQL statements that appear to be unsupported on Derby.
>>For instance:
>>Imagine a table with the following columns:
>>myID as Integer,
>>myString as String,
>>createUser as Integer,
>>deleted as Boolean
>>We would like to be able to:
>>SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE NOT deleted
>>UPDATE myTable SET deleted=True WHERE createUser=1
>>DELETE FROM myTable WHERE deleted
>>Is there any data-type in Derby that supports this? I know that Derby 
>>doesnít currently support a Boolean data type for columns, but some 
>>databases that do not have a Boolean column type do support the operations 
>>I have listed here so I thought I should check. We really want to migrate 
>>to Derby, and it isnít an issue to us how the underlying values are stored 
>>as long as we can perform these types of operations. I am pretty sure I 
>>know the answer, but I wanted to make sure before we gave up.
>>We saw that there was some discussion of support for Booleans being backed 
>>out of version 10.2. Are there any plans to reintroduce it in the future?
>>www.enduropls.com <http://www.enduropls.com/>

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