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From "Marl Atkins" <m...@softlinksys.com>
Subject Show Stopper
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 03:25:20 GMT

I'm admittedly worried about this one.

I'm running a simple SQL Statement: Select * From Profiles ORDER BY FName,

If I run it from within a Java Main proc I get 2 records which is correct.
If I run it from a Browser/Applet through Javascript, I get NO errors but I
get 0 records.
I'm calling exactly the same proc in both cases.
I got the browser to print the sql statement and it's correct.

The amount of code total is a pretty good bit because of all the work I have
to do to move data in and out of Java to Javascript. The Jar is almost 3
megs. I can attach it if you like.

This prints in the browser (I display Globals.sDebug in DHtml):
ALERT In Do SearchGetting Row From String: 
Got Row From String
Started Search
Select * From Profiles ORDER BY LName, FName
Executed Query

Got: 0

>From the main proc I do System.out.println(Globals.sDebug) and get:
In Do SearchGetting Row From String: <br>Got Row From String<br>Started
Search<br>Select * From Profiles ORDER BY LName, FName<BR>Executed
Query<BR>Got2<BR><BR>Got: 2<BR>

Any ideas as to why it works from a Java App and not from an Applet?

Here's the proc that does the call:
public DataTable getFilteredRecords(DataRow oFilter) throws Exception
        ResultSet rs;
        DataTable dtRecs;
        StringBuffer sbSql = new StringBuffer();
             sbSql.append("Select * From Profiles");
             sbSql.append(" ORDER BY LName, FName");
             Globals.sDebug = sbSql.toString() + "<BR>"; //<<-- This shows
up in the browser
             oCn = Globals.getCliCn();
             CliStmt oStmt = new CliStmt();
             rs = oStmt.executeQuery(oCn, sbSql.toString());
             Globals.sDebug = "Executed Query<BR>";	//<<-- This shows up
in the browser
             dtRecs = new DataTable(rs);
             Globals.sDebug = "Got" + dtRecs.Rows.length + "<BR>"; //<<--
This shows up in the browser as 0
             return dtRecs;
         catch(Exception exp)
             throw new Exception("Error in daProfile.getAllRecords:" +

Here's the actual statement execution:
public ResultSet executeQuery(Connection oCn, String sql) throws Exception
        stmt = null;
        final String strSql = sql;
        sErr = "";
            final Statement stmt =
            ResultSet rs = (ResultSet)AccessController.doPrivileged(new
PrivilegedAction() {
                public Object run()
                        return stmt.executeQuery(strSql);
                    catch(Exception exp)
                        sErr = exp.getMessage();
                        return null;
            if(sErr != "")
                throw (new Exception("Error in CliStmt.executeQuery:<br>" +
                    sql + "<br>" + sErr));
            return rs;            
        catch (Exception exp)
            throw (new Exception("Error in CliStmt.executeQuery:\r\n" +
                    sql + "\r\n" + exp.getMessage()));

Marl K. Atkins
Microsoft Certified Professional
SoftLink Systems, Inc.
(407) 388-1886 

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