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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject 10.2 licensing issue
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 23:20:07 GMT
I must report today that the restrictions imposed by the beta JDK 
license have not been lifted.

As you know, the JDK 6 beta license requires a disclaimer that bars the 
use of the code for any productive use. This restriction is meant to 
forestall binary incompatibilities with the final, GA version of the 
JDK. These incompatibilities might arise due to late-breaking changes in 
the JDK during its beta cycle. Due to these late-breaking changes, 
applications compiled against earlier, beta versions of the JDK could 
behave erratically when run against the GA JDK.

Such a disclaimer would need to appear in the NOTICES file of any Derby 
release built using the beta JDK's tools and libraries. This, in turn, 
is unacceptable for GA releases of Derby. Therefore at this time we 
cannot build a Derby release candidate which includes JDBC4 
drivers--today those drivers can only be built using beta tools and 
libraries.  For this reason, we, the Derby community must change our 
plan to ship imminently an official release of Derby that includes JDBC4.

I can see two alternatives for us:

1. Ship 10.2 on the current schedule but do not include the JDBC4 
drivers. When run on Java SE 6, Derby 10.2 would  continue to expose our 
JDBC3 implementation. In addition, we  would remove JDBC4-specific 
documentation from our user guides and prune out the JDBC4-specific javadoc.

2. Delay the current 10.2 schedule until after JDK 6 goes GA. At that 
time we could release a version of Derby which includes JDBC4 drivers.

Given the length of time since 10.1 was released, the uncertainty of the 
exact date of JDK 6 shipment, and the number of new features included in 
10.2, I think that (1) is a better plan. Of course, this is up to the 
community to decide.


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