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From David Sitsky <s...@nuix.com.au>
Subject Re: SQLSTATE: XSDG0Page Page(7,Container(0, 848)) could not be read from disk.
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 04:48:49 GMT
>> At the end of my message, are the contents of the derby.log file, 
>> which seem to indicate that perhaps the seg0/c350.dat file has been 
>> truncated somehow, due to the EOFException being thrown?
> The times I have seen this, the file hasn't actually been truncated. The
> problem has been some issue where the log thinks a page should be there
> but it never got to the file.  For instance assuming 4k pages it looks
 > [...]
> Some causes in the past are:
> o DERBY-700
> o DERBY-1838
> o using durability=test mode
> o running on hardware that doesn't actually sync disk when asked
> o running separate jvm's on 2 machines accessing the same db across a
>   networked file system.

This is running on windows, we never set durability=test, so I highly 
suspect the last point must have occurred at this site.

>> For what its worth, the size of the seg0/c350.dat file is 12288 bytes. 
>> I've included the directory listing of the database files in this 
>> message in case there is any useful information here.
> Do you know the page size of the table?  Default is 4k unless there are
> some blob/clob columns, but size is user setable.

One of the tables does use a clob field, and the default page size 
hasn't been changed.

>> What is interesting, is I get the same error messages if I try and 
>> open the database with release and  I tried opening 
>> it with, and the database can be opened fine (no errors 
>> reported in derby.log).
> Did you boot with the upgrade=true flag or not?

No I didn't.  I just tried connecting to it with update=true, and I get 
the same amount of data available.

>> Any ideas on what can be done here to try and recover more data?  Many 
>> thanks again for your help.
> If the data is not sensitive posting the db to a jira issue may help,
> sounds like db is not that big.

Its not big - but unfortunately, as much as I'd love to post it, I 
can't, as it contains sensitive data...

Many thanks for your help.  I highly suspect the multiple-JVM over a 
networked filesystem scenario must have occurred accidently.


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