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From "Fabian Merki" <fabian2...@merkisoft.ch>
Subject invalid checksum
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 12:12:42 GMT
hi all

first, thanks for the great free db! and a sorry for the previous mail (i accidentially clicked
on send...)

one of my customers gets on a notebook the following exception:

2007-03-17 09:01:53.042 GMT:
 Booting Derby version The Apache Software Foundation - Apache Derby - - (485682):
instance c013800d-0111-5f21-a736-000002cd2118
on database directory C:\Programme\merkisoft\kursverwaltung\database\kurs  
Database Class Loader started - derby.database.classpath=''
------------  BEGIN SHUTDOWN ERROR STACK -------------
ERROR XSDG2: Invalid checksum on Page Page(28,Container(0, 1248)), expected=3'455'715'557,
on-disk version=3'357'396'866, page dump follows: Hex dump

hex dump => see attachment

i'm using the embedded version together with hibernate on the notebook.
when i transfer the db to my pc and execute select * from <all tables> i get no errors
at all.
we checked the disk about 3 times (with error correction): no result and it still happens.
when i create a new db on the notebook it happens after a while again.
the db is about 35 mb. i could put it somewhere for developers (please email me).

i've seen someone else having a similar problem but i couldn't find a solution yet.

any help is very welcome!

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