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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: How to execute optimizer overrides in a java app
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2007 16:07:37 GMT
Bryan Pendleton wrote:
>> In my post I should have said "I also showed two queries that are
>> expected to get syntax errors." --I'm not sure that sample invalid
>> syntax needs to be put into the docs.
>> Is there any feedback on using the "\r" ? In the back of my mind I'm
>> thinking that won't be portable between Windows and Unix.
> I've wondered about this syntax in the past, so I'm happy to see
> you exploring the details of its behavior. Thanks!
> Perhaps you could package up your various example queries as a complete
> test program, and then add it to the test suite, and then we'd run
> it on lots of different platforms. That would help us figure out if
> there are any platforms where it doesn't work.
> Having a regression test for this would also:
> 1) Capture the sample invalid syntax in the tests, which is maybe a
> better place for it to live than in the docs
> 2) Ensure that the documented behavior continued to work, and didn't
> accidentally get broken at some point in the future.
> I guess this is a long way to say that I think you've written a
> valuable new regression test, and to encourage you to contribute
> it to the test suite.

heh, just goes to show the power of simple modifications to Derby's
SimpleApp.java program. :-) Sure, I can do that.


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