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From "Damian C" <jami...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: license question
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 00:44:08 GMT
This can be tricky. I am not a lawyer - but this is my understanding
of the situation.
I don't know what fatjar is, so I do not know it's licenses. I use
Hibernate and Derby (and plenty of others).

Typically Hibernate (LPGL type licenses) allow you to freely use their
code in your work (including commercial work). However, typically you
should acknowledge their work. This does not need to be in your source
code - but it is typically done in "Help - About" in your application.
 Note that Hibernate relies on many other libraries - each with their
own licences - each of which you need to comply.  The good news is
that they have similar license to Hibernate itself,so the "Help -
About" is the appropriate place.

The LPGL license is to stop you from taking the Hibernate code, and
calling it "JimBernate" - and perhaps selling it as your own under
some non open source commercial license.

Derby is a different license - although it is somewhat similar to
LGPL.  So you are free to USE the libraries, but not to DERIVE other
work from it.

GPL licenses are more "severe" in that you can use the library as long
as your work (your new project) is licensed also under GPL.  So I (or
anyone else on the planet) would be able to take your project and make
my own derivation - which in turn (by the terms of the GPL license)
must also be GPL. Hence GPL is "viral".

I don't use any GPL, but I believe that you must essentially publish
your code in some form to comply with the GPL license.  Perhaps in
your About-Help you have a URL for a website that holds a zip of the
code or something.

Hope this helps ...

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From: Jim McNamara <thirdshiftcoder@yahoo.com>
Date: May 28, 2007 10:24 AM
Subject: license question
To: derby-user@db.apache.org


i am studying and asking questions about licensing so when i post my
project it will comply if i put it on my personal web site.

i used fatjar with one-jar and fat-jar said it is under the gpl.  the
way i used derby was to access my derby checkbook database through
hibernate (most of the time) or with java.

i am wondering does my program (a checking account program written with java,
apache derby, and hibernate) have to be totally gpl because of fatjar.
 am i permitted to use derby as it is under a different license?  i
embedded derby in the fatjar with onejar.  i didn't change any source
with derby - just use it to store,
retrieve, edit and delete data.  so the distribution of derby would be embedded
and of course a data file(s).

i noticed that some lgpl and gpl libraries encourage people to put
notices in each
source file.  it seems that it might take a long time to go through
and change each notice from each file in the source from lgpl to gpl.
i am so glad hibernate didnt do that.

my program is finished except for getting this license stuff worked out.

thanks for any help.  this is lots to keep track of .
i hope i can finish with licenses soon.
i will be up for a few more hours hoping for a response.


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