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From "Damian C" <jami...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: license
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 01:33:23 GMT
I should/could have said it more clearly earlier - but to clarify now
(to the best of my NON lawyer's knowledge) ...

Hibernate is LGPL. You are entitled to use (link to) the LIBRARIES
(hibernate3.jar etc) in your application, but I believe you can't use
the source code itself..  Using hibernate in your application does NOT
mean Hibernate now has the GPL license. You have no right to change
their (LGPL) license.

So Hibernate etc is still LGPL. Your app will be GPL because by using
a GPL library you have automatically agreed to make your app GPL as

I have never mixed GPL and LGPL so I do not know the issues. I can't
imagine it being a problem, but I don't know.

(We are all learning something here!!!)

On 5/28/07, Jim McNamara <thirdshiftcoder@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Damian -
> one more thing.
> <Damian said>
> Typically Hibernate (LPGL type licenses) allow you to freely use their
> code in your work (including commercial work). However, typically you
> should acknowledge their work. This does not need to be in your source
> code - but it is typically done in "Help - About" in your application.
> <end>
> that would certainly help.  if i could say it once in help about that
> while the sources say LGPL it is being converted to GPL
> for compatibility it would sure save a ton of changes to notices
> in the source.  some of those source folders are BIG.
> thanks again,
> jim
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