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From "Ryan Bobko" <r...@ostrich-emulators.com>
Subject recommended practices? dealing with the database-application divide
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 13:24:01 GMT
Hi Folks,
This is something I seem to struggle with every time I write a new db
application. I feel like I design the database logically, but somewhere
in the application code, I always seem to define constants that directly
mirror what's in my database. I'm interested in how other people deal
with this, and/or if there's something I should be doing to avoid the

For example, suppose I have a two tables for dealing with users:

create table user( id int primary key, name varchar(20), level int );
create table privilege( id int primary key, desc text );
insert into privilege( id, desc ) values( 0, 'user' );
insert into privilege( id, desc ) values( 1, 'adminstrator' );

Then in my code, I can get users and their level, but somewhere I need
to define what the levels are. I seem to have statements like:

public static final int ADMIN=1;
if( ADMIN==user.level ){...}

Obviously, this is a simple case where I could just as easily add an
"isAdmin" column to the table, but what if I had ten different levels?

One of the things I like about using the database is that I can change
values easily, but that is of no value when the app is so tightly
coupled with the database. Any solutions out there?

Thanks for your time,


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