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From John Embretsen <John.Embret...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Lock debugging walktrhough on IRC
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 11:04:06 GMT
Hi all,

In mid-july last year this thread was started with the following information:

Kathey Marsden wrote:
> Sunitha was walking the folks on IRC, mostly X-Gen and myself through 
> debugging a lock timeout.
> The plan is for me to take what I learn and make it into a tutorial Wiki 
> page so I won't go into great detail here as it will be more formally 
> summarized later. There were two IRC sessions and actually the actual 
> problem hasn't been figured out fully yet.   My impressions of going 
> through this is all of this backtracing can and should be automated.  
> Does anyone already have a tool?  I plan to pick this back up tomorrow 
> and think I will try dumping the logs into a derby database with the 
> ErrorLog VTI and the lock dump as well, then I should be able to run 
> queries without getting lost.   Any other tips are welcome.

The rest of the first mail in this thread is available here:

Does anyone know if any kind of lock debugging tutorial or related information
was ever added to the wiki [1] (as Kathey mentioned last year) or any of the
manuals? I searched the wiki but was not able to find anything related to
locking in Derby.

Debugging locking situations seems to be a rather frequently occurring topic on
derby-user. As I'm trying to learn more about this topic, I have found useful
information by searching the manuals _and_ the mail archives. It would be good
to have some kind of wiki page gathering hints, tips and links to further
information (I think it would save users a bit of time and effort when trying to
debug their applications), so please let me know if this already exists.
Improving the manuals could be an alternative solution.



[1]: http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/

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