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From John Baker <John.Ba...@Sun.COM>
Subject Bug with lowercase table name ?
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 05:22:24 GMT

Is there any known issue with executing queries of databases that have
table names in lowercase?

If I create a table with a lowercase name and execute

    select * from abc


    select * from ABC.abc

then the results are

Error code -1, SQL state 42X05: Table/View 'ABC' does not exist.

Line 1, column 1

Comparing to MSSQL Server, case doesn't matter.
I have a table named product

select * from DBO.product


select * from DBO.PRODUCT

both return all rows from product

Also, if I create a table ABCD in Derby then
select * from ABCD

returns the rows from ABCD.

If I enclose the lowercase table name in quotes then this works.

select * from "abc"

However, I don't want to enclose the tablename in quotes.

So, this appears to be a bug in Derby in SQL statements fail for a table 
created with
a lowercase name.

- John

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